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DNN Summit Saber 2018

DNN Summit 2018' Summit Saber!

Had you heard about the DNN custom-themed lighsaber that I built for DNN Summit 2017? If not, catch up here: DNN Lightsaber Build for DNN Summit 2017.

Growing up with Star Wars and being a creative artist-type person, I was always thrilled with the idea that the "final test of a true Jedi is to build their own lightsaber." [and] these days in the Lightsaber building community, there are many kits that can be assembled, many companies making portions and milled pieces through to epic $10K masterpieces of artwork... and that got me thinking, "how can I bring together the two things that I love in a theme for a DNN saber?"


The 2018 DNNSummit Saber(s)

And You're Giving It Away?

YES, this year I've worked three times as hard and there are three special DNN Summit Sabers to show off this year, and one is a give-away prize for attendes! This prize is sponsored by Moore Creative and as a personal creation from myself, Ryan Moore. At the beginning of the convention, you can sign up to win this one-of-a-kind artwork Lightsaber. One lucky attendee will be going home from the slopes with a red and blue DNN Saber!

Lightsaber Photo Gallery

This year I focused on more involved etching... the laser etching last year had difficulty etching directly on the aircraft-grade aluminum of the saber hilt, so I made many tests and worked out an acid/electric etching method that looks fantastic with those DNN logos!

Be sure to stop by and see them in person to really get the full view of the shine and sharpness of the DNN logos!

DNN Summit Saber Quick Clip

DNN Summit Keynote Saber - Heritage

DNN Summit Keynote Saber - Forward

Custom Saber Video Introduction & Instructions - DNN Summit Saber 2018, the DNN Themed Saber

See you at DNN Summit!

I'll continue to post updates in photos and at the event will post a video of the finished item and the lucky winner.

Stay tuned and... May DNN Force Be With You.

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