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Southern Fried DNN User Group (Formerly Queen City DotNetNuke User Group QCDUG) blog covers DNN topics addressed by the usergroup at meetings, conventions and for the DNN community for North Carolina, South Carolina and the DNN community at large!

April 23 SoFri: Helpful DNN Tools & Utilities

The SouthernFried DNN User Group! This meeting's topic, a shared collection of Tools and Utilities for DNN shared by the SoFri DNN Community members!

Jan 2023 SoFri: Jeremy Farrance - I'm 2sxc for my Formula(s)

The 2sxc data editing UI was once a rigid and unforgiving way to edit your content and data. Over the last two years, Formulas and Prefill and related features have appeared. They've slowly become useful and now have matured to the point where magical (and sexy) things can be done. Jeremy will show some examples and highlight the key points that will get you started on making users love your content editing UIs!

Nov 2022 SoFri: Schfifty-Five - Five 5-Minute Gems from the Wolf X Machina Den

In a rapid-fire session, Aaron Lopez will share with you a small collection of his favourite (that's Canadian for "favorite") solutions that you can implement in your own DNN websites in about 5 minutes each. Want better typography? How about unique and friendly anchors on the page? These impactful but low-effort solutions will help you improve your DNN User Interfaces

Oct 2022 SoFri: DNN Platform 9.11.0 Release & Walkthrough

A DNN platform updates meeting that you shouldn't miss! We talk about the DNN Platform 9.11.0 release, along with a walkthrough of all the major highlights. David Poindexter from nVisionative discusses clean installs and all the various upgrade scenarios. It is a truly epic release, so this review be helpful for so many people!

June 2022 SoFri: DNN Security Headers - From an "F" to an "A" Grade!

SoFri's Ryan Moore leads a working session to explain and demonstrate several security header settings which can be made to the DNN web.config, which helps with the overall site security and presentation footprint. He'll explain items, plus shares code and testing tools involved.

July 2022 SoFri: Laura Pierson (Designing for Accessibility)

Designing for Accessibility - Web accessibility shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be considered throughout the entire design and development process. Laura Pierson, of 10 Pound Gorilla, will cover best practices and helpful tools for designing ADA-compliant websites that are usable by everyone.

May 2022 SoFri: DNN & Ionic - How I built a Food Delivery SaaS for 50 Restaurants

In this session, Benny Su shows SoFri how easy it is to get started with DNN and Ionic together so you can build your own hybrid apps. Using his experience building FOODEX, he will take you through a quick installation, share how he overcame obstacles, and show you some real working code.
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