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Nov 2022 SoFri: Schfifty-Five - Five 5-Minute Gems from the Wolf X Machina Den


Schfifty-Five: Five 5-Minute Gems from the Wolf X Machina Den


SouthernFried DNN Meeting November 17 2022

In this Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Speaker: Aaron Lopez
Topic: Schfifty-Five: Five 5-Minute Gems from the Wolf X Machina Den

In a rapid-fire session, Aaron Lopez will share with you a small collection of his favourite (that's Canadian for "favorite") solutions that you can implement in your own DNN websites in about 5 minutes each. Want better typography? How about unique and friendly anchors on the page? These impactful but low-effort solutions will help you improve your DNN User Interfaces.


Community Topics and Updates

  • David kicked off with a recap from last month's meeting with a recap of the DNN 9.11.0 Release. There will be a 9.11.1 patch and updates release coming soon.
  • Schiffity-Five - Aaron's presentation today harkens back to "when memes were good!" Aaron says, so if you're interested in seeing the reference, here it is!
  • In the discussions of DNN 9.11.0, we talked about security issues that were mitigated within the release of 9.11 and that took conversation over to the new home for the Security center,
  • There was a new release of 2SXC Content 14.12.02 Long Term Stable version release recently and that means it's ready to start using on production sites now
  • David also announced that he will be starting a monthly meetup for 2SXC User Group / MeetUp. Target for the first meeting is in December, stay tuned for dates and meeting links
  • David also announced new information regarding the DNN Discord community location. This is not intended as a replacement of the popular Slack workspace, however with some of the newly enforced paid restrictions with Slack, becoming more familiar with the DNN Discord community would be helpful!
  • post links to join discord above
  • DNNSummit 2023 is February next year! The Call for Speakers has closed and there will be an announcement soon for the sessions that have been selected

Tonight's Presenter: Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopez is giving a session of his favorite "things I do all the time" in a format that's easy to consume. You can fix things up on your website really easily with a series of simple actions. This session goes over several topics and elements for transforming your DNN theme and core styles for the better!

  1. Typography - Aaron uses tailwind has this amazing typography plugin that creates all the styles for you.
    He suggested that you can work with the default styles of Tailwind and the Prose class of css styles and drop this set of CSS overrides into the Portal CSS or as a reference in a Skin/Theme
  2. Login Form Style Overrides - Aaron created a general use override style set to improve the DNN Login module! A welcomed addition to style updates!
  3. Responsive Breakpoints for Headings - The next section is an update on the mobile breakpoints for headings. This was a review of his methods while using 2SXC and code to replace line breaks with BR tags or preferably with SPAN tags that get styled differently for desktop vs mobile. An interesting tip on how to exactly control breakpoints for headlines on different mobile sizes
  4. Catch points 4 and 5 within the session video!

Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group November 2022 Meeting:


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