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Oct 2022 SoFri: DNN Platform 9.11.0 Release & Walkthrough


DNN Platform 9.11.0 Release & Walkthrough


SouthernFried DNN Meeting October 20 2022

In this Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Speaker: David Poindexter
Topic: DNN Platform 9.11.0 Release & Walkthrough

A DNN platform updates meeting that you shouldn't miss! We talk about the DNN Platform 9.11.0 release, along with a walkthrough of all the major highlights. David Poindexter from nVisionative discusses clean installs and all the various upgrade scenarios. It is a truly epic release, so this review be helpful for so many people!


Community Topics and Updates

  • - Consider contributing to opensource projects in the month of October. Participation also gains a tshirt, and other swag, so you can get an attaboy! for helping contribute to your favorite opensource projects.
  • Supporting Opensource -
    Mitch Sellers wrote a new blog post about the concept of supporting opensource. It's a good read and ties into much of what you've seen happening in new DNN releases and new module elements like the Resource Manager.
  • DNNSummit 2022 - Register ! Submit Sessions! Swag!
    It's time to start thinking about DNNSummit in Februrry! The request for speakers is open now and the deadline for submissions is Nov 4! The conference this year will boast swag (tshirts!) for registrants, there will be recorded videos for all sessions... plenty of things to get excited about!
  • 2SXC Major Enhancements/Revisions - Jeremy briefly discussed several new updates that have been released recently from 2SXC

Tonight's Presenter: David Poindexter

  • Most of the information we go through are coming from this blog post that David put out regarding testing.
  • He mentioned that DNN 9.11 is the first full telerik completely gone release. Once you've removed Telerik and then upgraded to DNN 9.11, then telerik is fully, completely gone!
  • New DNN 9.11 File Manager, the Resource Manager - This is a completely new and improved Resource Manager, built from the ground up. This solution was developed based on valuable DNN community feedback after the release of the first stop-gap Resource Manager solution.
  • There are some default settings and configuration changes such as SSL first settings, Registration none settings
  • David described that there are three scenarios for upgrade... depending on whether you have Telerik previously installed but NOT in use, or IN USE, or whether it's not installed at all...
  • There were several security updates, some of which applied to authentication, have been updated
  • The upgrade step now has a screen to tell you the Security related information regarding Telerik removal as though running the removal tool and steps
  • David suggested that users should first remove telerik and then do the upgrade to DNN 9.11 as that's the easier process and more straight forward in the screens and information.
  • CKEditor might need some review, especially if you have installed special plugins
  • David stressed again, that the main focus here is complete removal of the telerik control DLL... even unused, the DLL creates issues on a running instance, so everyone needs to get on the move for complete removal!
  • DNN 9.11 IS EXTREMELY FAST ! There were some additional benefits to the DLL and Petapoco element updates that went into this release. The result, by some estimations, is around 80% speed improvement in DNN!

Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group October 2022 Meeting:


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