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Feb 2023 SoFri: DNN Summit 2023 Recap + Key Takeaways




In this Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Speakers: David Poindexter & Ryan Moore
Topic: DNN Summit 2023 Recap + Key Takeaways



Community Topics, Notes and Updates

  • David and Ryan discuss past meetups and the chaos leading up to the DNN Summit in 2023.
  • They emphasize the need for speakers to share insights related to DNN and encourage participants to reach out if they're interested in presenting.
  • There's mention of the possibility of more informal, roundtable discussions or shorter content presentations.
  • They talk about the idea of organizing a DNN-themed Family Feud game and invite people to fill out a survey related to this game.
  • They discuss the upcoming DNN Connect Conference in Switzerland, mentioning the ease of getting there via Geneva and the call for speakers for the event.
    • They describe the informal nature of this conference and its tech-focused content.
    • 🏔️ The conference is held in a chalet-style hotel, not a large convention center.
    • 🗓️ The event has a well-structured schedule but also emphasizes networking during meals and between sessions.
    • 💲 Registration includes lodging, food, and drinks, making it an all-inclusive package.
    • 💰 The most expensive registration option is 490 Euros for four days, which is reasonable.
    • 🚗 Transportation expenses are minimal because everything is on-site.
    • 🎉 The conference is known for its socialization and fun, with late-night hangouts.
    • 🧬 Encouragement to attend the DNA Connect conference.
  • 📝 Several new blog posts, including DNN page manager updates, open content templates, and a 20th-anniversary celebration.
  • 🚀 DNN 9.11 release improved site performance by 30-50% and reduced server resource usage.
  • 🔒 SSL support added to MV Quick Site installer for easy local development setup.

DNNSummit 2023 Recap & Takeaways

  • 🌐 DNN Summit 2023 was a virtual event with session recordings available for post-event registration.
  • 📹 The conference recordings are now available externally and will remain available for a full year of viewing.
  • 💬 You can still communicate with people you connected with during the conference.
  • 🚧 Technical issues with watching recordings are being experienced but will be resolved.
  • 📅 The recordings will be accessible until the beginning of the next conference, possibly in December.
  • 🔗 The DNN Association has an annual connection to Hopin, allowing the possibility of more virtual events.
  • 📋 There's an exit survey to gather feedback for future events.
  • 🎉 Ideas for future events include more virtual sessions or dedicated training days.
  • 🎮 Clint Patterson's session about creating an IoT-based analytics engine using Raspberry Pi was intriguing.
  • 🚀 David Poindexter, Clint Patterson, and Daniel Valadis' sessions received positive feedback for their content.
  • 🎪 The DNN Pyramid game show during lunch was a fun and entertaining session.
  • 🍺 Alessandra's session included a drinking game for added humor and entertainment.
  • 💬 Discussion about sessions and experiences
  • 🧰 DNN as a toolbox for integration
  • 👩‍💻 Daniel's session on funny and bad code
  • 🚀 Opportunities for community involvement
  • 📊 Power BI session for data visualization
  • 🌐 DNA Community user groups discussion
  • 📋 Discussing community involvement: Encouraging participation in GitHub issue reporting and confirming issues.
  • 🙌 Supporting developers: Mentioning ways to support DNN developers through GitHub sponsorships.
  • 💡 Suggesting improvements: Describing the process of suggesting improvements on GitHub and seeing them get implemented.
  • 🎁 Swag Box: Highlighting the Swag Box given to the first 200 registrants of the event.
  • 🎥 Video unboxing: Mentioning a community member's video unboxing of the Swag Box.
  • 📅 Next event: Announcing the date and time for the next event and encouraging potential presenters to come forward.


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