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June '21 - DNN Awareness Advisory Group - CKEditor Magic


Will Strohl (DNN Awareness) & Steve Krantzman (CKEditor


In today's Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Will Strohl discusses the Awareness DNN Advisory Group - DNN has always had a large number of people who just couldn't contain themselves and had to help spread the word about DNN and the things they love about it. The Awareness group can be thought of as the marketing arm of the DNN community. This presentation will walk you through some of the things that the Awareness group is working on, as well as provide you with resources that you can use to help us all grow the DNN ecosystem together.

Steve Krantzman presents "CKEditor Magic" - CKEditor Provider Helpful Tips, Tweaks, and Plugins. CKEditor Provider has been the de facto WYSIWYG editor for DNN’s HTML module for several years replacing Telerik’s RAD Editor. Out of the box, however, not all the default configuration settings are optimal, and many of the included plugins are not configured to work, and some are even missing. In this presentation we will look at some modifications to CKEditor settings and plugins, that will address these deficiencies, and enhance the end-user experience.


About the Speakers:

Will Strohl

Will Strohl is an author and technologist in the San Francisco area. During his career, Will has held positions ranging from Help Desk Technician to being the CEO & Co-Owner at Hotcakes Commerce ( He even spent a few years at DNN Corp where he ran the evangelism, training, and sales engineering departments. Today, Will is the founder and CEO of Upendo Ventures, providing software development, training, and technical consulting to companies around the world.

Steve Krantzman

Steve Krantzman is Associate Director for the California Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. He manages the IT systems for the organization and consideres himself humbly as a "Jack of all Trades - Master of None". He is the creator of the VS Code extension XMOD Pro Snippets, as well as the theme development platform DNN_Tailwind.

DNN BUZZ - Meeting Links and topics this month:

    DNN Open Source Community > Resources > Blogs
    The DNN Community website is your location for community news, articles, help and community resources. Check the Blog for new articles and updates.
    PolyDeploy Donated to DNN Community - The DNN Community has received a great gift from the team at Cantarus that will help to add better deployment scenarios to DNN Platform that support enterprise application structures. Introduced at the DNNSummit conference a few years ago, PolyDeploy allows DNN to install multiple modules at one time without application restart between modules. In addition to a programatic API method for running PolyDeploy, it gives DNN an enterprise strength maintenance functionality and features.
    GitHub’s New One Time Donations Makes It Easy to Support DNN Platform Maintainers!
    Clint Patterson shared an encouraging way to support DNN community developers. Not too long-ago GitHub enabled a new functionality which makes it really easy to support your favorite developers. GitHub previously allowed recurring sponsorships - and while that is great - not everyone wants to (or is able to) sign up for a recurring donation. The good news is that GitHub realized this and adjusted accordingly. Now, if you want to thank a developer for fixing a bug, adding an enhancement, or just simply maintaining a project, you can easily do this via a one-time donation.
    DNN Store > Home > Product Details > EasyDNN Accessibility Module 1.5 (make your website more accessible) - The recently released Accessibility module from EasyDNN allows the ability to add a set of tools to a website which can go along with other ADA Compliance efforts to help your DNN website. Be sure to check out previous SoFri meetings have focused on DNN and ADA compliance tips and tools.
    DNNSummit 2022 will be held as a hybrid conference in Las Vegas Feb 9,10 2022. It will be a hybrid conference, both fully online with Hopin and on location at the MGM Grand for social in-person events. | Going Virtual | DNNSummit
    30+ New Features in 2sxc 12.02 - 2sxc 12.02 introduces ca. 30 long awaited features and more Hybrid APIs


DNN Advisory Group - Will Strohl

The DNN Awareness - DNN Advisory Group - Will Strohl

Will Strohl, head of the DNN Awareness group discusses the purpose of this DNN Advisory Group in directing promotion and improving awareness of the DNN CMS within the development community. The center point of the website centralizes efforts and activitys ranging from training, videos, evangilzation and more. Most importantly, everyone in the DNN Community can participate and make a difference!


CKEditor Provider Helpful Tips, Tweaks, and Plugins

"CKEditor Magic" - CKEditor Provider Helpful Tips, Tweaks, and Plugins - Steve Krantzman

Steve gives a history of the different DNN HTML Module editors, the WYSIWYG editors from FCKEditor and Telerik / Rad Editor through to today's CKEditor. He introduces us to the steps to activate existing plugins and options and how to install new, additioinal plugins to the CKEditor.

    Steve is also responsible for DNN_Tailwind, a powerful theme development platform that allows you to create robust and responsive DNN website themes, all while writing very little css. Using the default theme included with the framework, we were able to get page load scores of 99 for Desktop, and 90 for Mobile, using Google’s PageSpeed Insights. For a DNN website, that’s fast perfromance!
  • Steve Krantzman - Blog Posts
    Be sure to check out Steve's other recent CKEditor articles!
  • Adding Custom Styles to CKEditorProvider
    Adding custom styles to, or replacing styles in the CKEditor “Styles” dropdown should be relatively easy. Well at least that is what we thought. Yet, recently Mark Anderson, Jeremey Farrance, Mark Buelsing, and myself had to put our collective heads together to figure out how to do just that. Although it took us the good part of a day, we triumphed and thought we should share the specifics with you. This relatively simple task turned out to be the impetus of this series.
  • Customizing DNN’s Default HTML Editor Provider - CKEditorProvider
    When working with DNN’s default HTML editor, “CKEditorProvider” by DNN Connect, the default settings out of the box leaves much to be desired. Even worse, If you have ever tried customizing CKEditorProvider‘s settings, you may have noticed that it is not always as straight forward as you would think, or like it to be. In a multi-part series I hope to clear up some of the mystery by showing you how to customize the CKEditorProvider to streamline your (or your clients) html module workflow, and to put the WYS back into WYSIWYG!
  • Steve Krantzman's CKEditor Presentation PDF - SoFri May 2021
    This is a copy of the CKEditor presentation that Steve used in the meeting. You'll find all of the links and information in this document. We'll follow with many of those links as well below!
    CKEditor 4
    CKEditor 4 Plugins
    CodeMirror by Ingo is one of the missing, ready to be enabled plugins. CodeMirror makes the source code editor better with highlighting and suggestions.
  • Steve demonstrates how to switch the spell cheker to use the built in one, the browser native, or external... settings such as the DisableNativeSpellChecker and tips such as Ctrl+click to get spellcheck options.
    Keep TextSelection by Ingo is the ability (that used to be default in older DNN CKeditor versions) to highlight text or code and switch views while still retaining that same highlighted/selected section. It's truly helpful for working between source view and standard!
    Accessibility Checker/A11ychecker
    Auto Link |
    Media Embed - oEmbed - Ability to easily embed content from other sites and options


Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group June 2021 Meeting:


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