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May 2022 SoFri: DNN & Ionic - How I built a Food Delivery SaaS for 50 Restaurants


Benny Su (How I Built a Food Delivery SaaS for 50 Restaurants)


In this Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Speaker: Benny Su
Topic: A DNN and Ionic Story - How I built a Food Delivery SaaS for 50 Restaurants

In this session, Benny is showing SoFri how easy it is to get started with DNN and Ionic together so you can build your own hybrid apps. Using his experience building FOODEX, he will take you through a quick installation, share how he overcame obstacles, and show you some real working code.


Community Topics and Updates

  • The discussion involves various participants, including Benny Su, Daniel Validas, Helene, Aaron, Steve, and Mark.
  • The meetup covers topics related to DNN, 2sxc, and various DNN-related projects.
  • They highlight the development of a new file manager and seek input from users.
  • Aaron discusses multilingual challenges and a project involving 2sxc.
  • Steve mentions his bug testing efforts for 2sxc and the need for a discussion on module development approaches.
  • Mark Buelsing mentions plans for the next DNN Summit and Ryan Moore joins in with more details.


DNN and Ionic - How Benny Su built a Food Delivery SaaS for 50 Restaurants

Recommendations and Presentation Notes:

  • Benny Sue introduced himself and his background in DNN development. He mentioned working on custom modules for a non-profit organization.

  • Benny discussed various projects, including teacher resources ordering modules, airport map modules, and prescription drug lookup modules.

  • He introduced his project "Foodie," aimed at helping restaurant owners manage menus, accept online payments, and improve efficiency.

  • Benny emphasized the importance of different websites and applications seamlessly collaborating for this project. 

  • Was this project initiated as a startup endeavor, or was it an internal project within your company?
    Benny replied, "Actually, this project was primarily an internal undertaking for my company. It had some startup elements to it due to the innovative nature of the product being brand new. However, the main objective was internal, as we were developing it to enhance the efficiency of restaurant orders and streamline operational management processes. In essence, it was a blend of an internal project and a startup project, with its inception rooted in our company's internal needs and goals."

  • 🍽 Restaurant Project:

    • Building a vertical business model
    • Integrates with delivery and village services
    • Aims to optimize restaurant efficiency
  • 🚚 Delivery Integration:

    • Sends orders to delivery service (e.g., On Fleet)
    • Acts as a middleman for data flow
  • 📋 Scan to Order:

    • Generates QR codes for easy table orders
    • Streamlines dining order management
  • 💻 POS Integration:

    • Functions as a mini POS
    • Potential for integration with popular POS systems
  • 🌐 Web API and Development:

    • Primarily uses LINQ to SQL
    • No immediate need for Entity Framework
    • Has developed custom patterns over the years


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