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November 19th DNN User Group Meeting

Particle and DNN: An Open Source IOT Match Made in Heaven 

Today every human is virtually "connected" with a mobile device in their pocket. In the future every THING will be connected with micro-controllers. In the same way that websites have forms where users can input data, micro-controllers can now be attached to anything, use any type of sensor, and serve as data inputs by posting data to the net. Imagine having your plants tell you when they need water, your front-door tweeting to you when it's opened, or your bed monitoring your weight, sleep (and reporting on it all through the cloud) and perhaps even slowly shaking when it's time to wake up. These are simply ideas of things that have been done and can be done in one of the next technology revolutions... the Internet Of Things (IOT). It's an amazing time to be a developer and it's really easy to get up and going with the Internet of Things.

In this session Clint Patterson will present on his latest passion, projects, and he'll tie it back to DNN at the end. Come to this session if you're just getting started in IOT and want to learn more. Clint will use Particle's "Photon" for this presentation and will show you how to create basic circuits, use breadboards, update devices over HTTP (the net), and control micro-controllers by simply passing parameters to a web service! In the end we'll discuss how DNN is a great fit to use with Particle's API as DNN can do the heavy lifting of security for you. Clint may also talk about the DNN module he's planning to write to make working with Particle's Cloud API simple.


  • Socialize (6:30pm - 7:00pm)
  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Presentation 
  • Picks, Tips & Swag 

We have some great stuff to share with you this month!  And you are NOT going to want to miss the swag!  Trust us on this!  ;-)

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