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Oct '21 - Aaron Lopez (Tailwind CSS) & Jeremy Farrance (2sxc StruXtured Content)


Aaron Lopez (Tailwind CSS) & Jeremy Farrance (2sxc StruXtured Content)


In this Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Speaker: Aaron Lopez
Topic: Tailwind CSS
Since starting working in DNN in 2006, Aaron has used all sorts of approaches to theming the front end. From Vanilla CSS, to Yahoo! User Interface, to Blueprint, and then Bootstrap 2, 3, and 4. In this session, Aaron will introduce you to a radical new way of developing User Interfaces so you too can create the most beautifully designed, the most incredibly performant, the most easily maintainable, flexible, powerful, and enjoyable-to-build websites you can using Tailwind CSS.

Speaker: Jeremy Farrance
Topic: 2sxc Structured Content
Overview: Since founding Accuraty in 2006, Jeremy has been involved in over 200 successful Dnn projects covering a wide range of uses from websites to Intranets and Apps. While being an expert at almost nothing, Jeremy proudly claims to be intermediate (and still learning) on a wide range of things from databases to DNS to Bootstrap to C# and (too) many others. In this 2sxc focused session, you'll start to see what you can really do after you've learned enough about 2sxc to build truly useful Structured Content apps and some easy UI choices so that your users will know how to use them with almost no training. Don't be surprised if you see a little advanced CSS, a brief appearance by web components, and a couple of 2sxc features you probably didn't even know were there.


About the Speakers:

Aaron Lopez

Aaron was born in Victoria, BC, Canada but, as a remote worker, he's lived in a few cities around the world including Montreal, Vancouver, and Paris. In 2016, he travelled to Girona, Spain to attend DNN Connect's conference where he attended sessions by leaders in the DNN community. Aaron am an active member of the DNN Connect community where he partakes in discussions about the platform and help out by answering questions mostly about DNN theming.

In spare time, Aaron enjoys staying in shape by playing competitive tennis in local tournaments and practicing yoga. You can find his thoughts on running a business on his website's blog.

Jeremy Farrance

Jeremy spent the 80s and 90s using databases, programming and other magical arts to save his co-workers hundreds of work hours. Finally in 2006 he took his last paycheck and started Accuraty. Now the head honcho, he spends his days making websites work better (and drinking good coffee).

DNN BUZZ - Meeting Links and topics this month:

  • DNN 9.10.2 Release
  • Discussion on Telerik Removal - We talked briefly about a possible update for 9.11 coming up which will be a forced removal of Telerik controls
  • DNN Docs - the new DNN Docs - Danial Valadas has done a ton of work to get this prepped and in place in the new location. It is now fully on Github and is ready to build on any platform you're developing on.
  • David made a case for DNN Docs for a community request for help and inforation on the future structure and organization of information within DNN Docs. It's ready now for refinement, clearing of old data and general improvment. We're looking for your ideas on how to make it better!
  • DNN Summit 2022 - The Speaker schedule t's a good time to sign up for the event and to start thinking about travel to Las Vegas if you are up for in-person conventions! If not, no worries, join us online virtually in 2022!


Tailwind CSS - DNN - Aaron Lopez

Tailwind CSS & DNN - Aaron Lopez

Aaron was looking to finding the best and cleanest way to do things. He came across Tailwind CSS... it's a "Utility First" framework. You use utility classes on your markup and it applies styles based on the class. The way it gets high performance is that once it's built once, it is added to your build and then subsequent references are to the same reference in your framework.

  • Aaron went through a few tailwind site examples that he's put together. He talked about some other high profile tailwind examples,, mashable,com
  • Tailwind doesn't give you a set of supplied items that you ahve to follow, instead you build your custom design and then that becomes part of the structure that's presented.
  • Links and any notes
  • Tailwind CSS Plugins
    Aaron said that he likes to start off a project with a few standards sch as the Tailwind Typeography plugin, aspect-ratio, line-cclamp
  • Aaron intruduced the ideas in the Tailwind Config and customizing it to work for your design. David asked about approaches to help reduce or avoid CSS bloat while building and working on a project.
  • He mentioned a few more example plugin features such as the Prose feature of Tailwind Typography which can be used for standard expected styles. And, that it can be further modified from using the Prose section for using DNN's "Normal" so that it could be used to default format the main HTML module and body content standards already within DNN.
  • Aaron finished by saying that he'll be speaking at DNN Summit 2022 on Tailwind and DNN.
    A really cool site/tool allows you to play around with Tailwind directly within the browser.
  • FYI, Aaron also joined David on DNNDave Youtube for a conversation on OpenGraph in DNN if you're insterested in checking that out too!
    Aaron has also written some good DNN How-To Manuals as part of his site content and blogs... be sure to take a look!


2sxc StruXtured Content

2sxc StruXtured Content - Jeremy Farrance

Jeremy talked about Strucutred Content

  • Jeremy Farrance with Accuraty
  • 2SXC - DNN Structured Content Module
  • DNN Extentions > Library - Microsoft CodeDom .NET Compiler
    Jeremy mentioned that when they start every project, they start by making sure that in the DNN Libraries that the Microsoft CodeDom .NET Compiler is the latest version 3.6.0 (or latest)
  • Some more Prep Settings
    DNN 9.10 Quick Add Menu Feature
    Jeremy showdTurn on the Quick Add menu on! This is a new feature of Quick Add (well, really an old DNN6x feature added back in to new DNN!) so that when you install a module on a page, you can select from a dropdown list and can select which pane to place the module into!

    Jeremy then showed how to get the 2SXC (or any module) set so that it is part of the "Common" list of modules that is in the Quick Add menu!
    Jeremy walks through some ways to work within DNN and 2SXC to have a playground or sandbox to work within the site to configure and work with CSS and code for demos and dev. He worked through this Demo alignment article as a good example of playing with it within DNN and 2SXC as an example to set up structured content for these types of logo images (a common project!).
  • One of the things that Jeremy talked about that people talked about and enjoyed was the CSS values for Multiply which can be used to make JPGs with white backgrounds fall onto a gray background in pretty good shape. If you're interested in learning more about the different Blending Modes, here's a good article, This article takes it and puts into all kinds of fun examples with images and text.
  • Another feature that was shown was the Show/Hide feature that can be used for publish/unpublish functionality that is easy for DNN content editors to be able to manage.


Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group October 2021 Meeting:


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